Create a Life You Love

12-weeks will fly by before you know it but the change you’ll experience will last forever.

Dreambuilder™ Coaching Program

Individual + Group Programs Available || Session: 12+ week program || From the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world with live personal calls

The Dreambuilder™ program lays out a proven and predictable formula to help you turn your dreams into reality and create a life you love living. I will help you get clear about your dream and your purpose, and guide you on how to make that dream a reality.

Over the next 12 weeks, you will be embarking on a journey that will support you in defining, designing, testing and living into your dream. You will create the seed of your dream and then prepare, cultivate and weed the soil in order to give that seed the very best chance of growing into the life you have imagined. It is my honor and privilege to support you in this process. To your dream!

Through the program we will work together to cover four pillars:

  1. Health and Wellbeing

  2. Relationships

  3. Vocation

  4. Time, Money and Freedom

Through the Dreambuilder™ Program you will will gain the tools to help you achieve your goals, have greater clarity on your goals and dreams, and feel more confident in your ability to achieve those dreams. It's the feeling of longing for something we haven't yet created, and the feeling of discontentment with current circumstances that spark us to grow

"We are often pushed by pain, until we are pulled by a vision."

-Dr. Michael Beckwith

The journey is important but it is who we become in the process that is the real and lasting victory. Contact me for your complimentary initial session.




Standing Firm When Your World Is Shaking™ Coaching Program

Individual + Group Programs Available || Session: 4 week program || From the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world with live personal calls


WEEK #1 – The Dark Night – In the first week, you will learn to use the Dark Night of the Soul as a forward-momentum builder.  You will look at all the ups and downs and find a way to relate to it that is empowering to you.

WEEK#2 – The Hero’s Journey – In this week, you will learn the three major phases of the hero’s journey.  You will discover the opportunity you have is to take another look at one of your dark nights and ask if there are gifts that are yet to be received from the dark night.

WEEK#3 – Harvesting The Good – This week you will let go of your ego attitude and choose an empowering perspective about the dark time.  You will learn to neutralize the emotional charge of your dark night by discovering the gifts you can gain from it.

WEEK#4 – An Opportunity For A New Beginning – In the final week, you will learn to use your Dark Night experience and switch it into a new beginning.  You will learn to use this experience to recognize when life is signaling you to get back on course.  During this week you will also create a support structure for the changes you would love to implement in your life.  You will learn to connect with your inner sanctuary where you are protected from the element of circumstance and discover the true meaning of your Dark Night experience and use it to grow into a higher version of yourself.

Over the next 4 weeks we’ll be exploring together the technology of how to navigate through life’s tougher terrain and some of the more difficult moments - those times in our lives when it may feel like the light is not shining on us, or our circumstances or situations … a time that is sometimes referred to as “the Dark Night”. We’ll be looking at:

  1. This particular juncture in life and the requirement of it for a hero’s journey.

  2. Learn how to have our circumstances - without allowing them to have us.

  3. Learn how to harvest the good those cicumstances have to teach us and to create a new beginning.

  4. But most importantly, to understand this experience we call “The Dark Night” and the role it can play in our growth.

"Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself."

-Edward Fallon

The journey is important but it is who we become in the process that is the real and lasting victory. Contact me for your complimentary initial session.


Amanda, Alberta

"Pamela has so much knowledge! I found it very interesting how everything fits together. "

Tara, Saskatchewan

"Doing the DreamBuilder course was amazing! It changed my entire outlook on life, and I still use the tools and CD's today. Working with Pam is the best part about it all. I felt so comfortable and able to share all my wins and "blocks". She helped me work through things that I was struggling with and always checked in.. (lots of tears) She truly cares and makes anything seem possible! My business has flourished because I have the tools, and I often hear Pam’s voice checking in and asking if this is a paradigm before I give up. It’s always a paradigm. I recommend this course with Pam to everyone!"

Nicole, Alberta

"I enjoyed delving deeper into my chart and gaining a better understanding.  Thank you so much! Your passion is contagious!!"

Susan, Saskatchewan

"I loved how she connected dots for me and explained the "timing" in my life."

Rebecca, Alberta

"I came across Pam and her astrology background while in search of the perfect Christmas present for my family. We looked at myself and my late husband as well as my daughters, age 20, 18, 12 and two boyfriends ages 21 and 20. The astrology reading experience brought us all together in a setting that we were not familiar with. We all felt very comfortable and excited to learn. The charts brought clarification and simply a good time learning more about each other. Many attributes we already knew but never really understood "why" one another was like that. As we learned how to read the charts it helped reinforce and better realize our purpose and allowed us to understand ourselves and one another better. It was such an intriguing experience that has sparked continuous conversation with us all each time we are together and an eagerness to learn more."