You deserve to feel happy, fulfilled and excited about life.

Whole Heart Healing will breathe new life into you by providing the gentle guidance to help you become whole again.


How Whole Heart Healing can Help

Healing is not a one-size-fits-all journey.

Every aspect of your life, personality and heart are singularly yours and your healing process should reflect that. Working closely with Pamela you will choose only the services that are right for you.


Change your life in just 12-weeks.

My life coaching program is an immersive experience like no other with guaranteed results that will teach you how to take control of your life. 


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I offer many amazing workshops and events throughout the year that connect you to Whole Heart Healings’ amazing, like-minded community.


About Pam

A difficult journey with depression brought Founder of Whole Heart Healing, Pamela Beamish, to the path of helping others reignite the joy in their lives.

Her experience ingrained in her a deep compassion for what her clients may be going through. She works empathetically to understand, listen and support all the thoughts and emotions of her clients and aspires for everyone to feel excited, happy and fulfilled by life.

Most of all she hopes to teach them how to have fun again.

Through patience, deep compassion and judgement-free guidance, Pamela ushers her clients through quiet, calming and immersive healing.


Kind Words

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