Kind Words From Past Clients

Amanda, Alberta

"Pamela has so much knowledge! I found it very interesting how everything fits together. "

Tara, Saskatchewan

"Doing the DreamBuilder course was amazing! It changed my entire outlook on life, and I still use the tools and CD's today. Working with Pam is the best part about it all. I felt so comfortable and able to share all my wins and "blocks". She helped me work through things that I was struggling with and always checked in.. (lots of tears) She truly cares and makes anything seem possible! My business has flourished because I have the tools, and I often hear Pam’s voice checking in and asking if this is a paradigm before I give up. It’s always a paradigm. I recommend this course with Pam to everyone!"

Nicole, Alberta

"I enjoyed delving deeper into my chart and gaining a better understanding.  Thank you so much! Your passion is contagious!!"

Susan, Saskatchewan

"I loved how she connected dots for me and explained the "timing" in my life."

Rebecca, Alberta

"I came across Pam and her astrology background while in search of the perfect Christmas present for my family. We looked at myself and my late husband as well as my daughters, age 20, 18, 12 and two boyfriends ages 21 and 20. The astrology reading experience brought us all together in a setting that we were not familiar with. We all felt very comfortable and excited to learn. The charts brought clarification and simply a good time learning more about each other. Many attributes we already knew but never really understood "why" one another was like that. As we learned how to read the charts it helped reinforce and better realize our purpose and allowed us to understand ourselves and one another better. It was such an intriguing experience that has sparked continuous conversation with us all each time we are together and an eagerness to learn more."

Laura Patterson, Lloydminster, SK  Canada

"I have been on the Crystal Healing Bed 3 times now and it is such a relaxing wonderful experience.  I love it! Not only do you relax while your chakras are being balanced but you can set out any intentions that you would like help with. I love what it does for me."

Cindy, Saskatchewan

"I have been to the crystal healing beds twice now and both was a different experience for me. The first time was after a loved one passed on and I was out of sorts. I do not remember exactly what the crystal lights did during the session but at the end I felt more at peace and balanced. I could not put my finger on what it did but I felt relaxed and rejuvenated.
The second time was more recently and I remember trying to focus on being relaxed and thought that was what I was going to get. Instead it was very much about the physical pain my body had been experiencing. It literally went from place to place in my body. It first made me acknowledge it as there was a sharp pain or ache first. Like my knee - it became an ache and then it released. It went to my stomach and then both my back and neck (vehicle injury)-each time I was amazed as it went to that spot - brought back the physical pain and then released it. Then it went to my other knee and even my ankles. I did not expect the crystals to help with physical pain but was amazed that it did. Somehow it recognizes what you need most at that time. And yes I felt relaxed and rejuvenated and less pain too after that session."

Roxanne, Saskatchewan

"Very informative and well laid out. Excellent teaching, Pamela was very enthusiastic and passionate about the material."

Bonnie Wirth, Saskatchewan

"There are many wonderful healing modalities out there however none compare to the energy and healing that I have experienced on the Crystal Bed! I highly recommend regular sessions to anyone looking to achieve a new level of awareness and experience some really profound and wonderful healing for the body, mind and spirit."

Chantelle, Alberta

"I loved learning with like-minded people - thank you for your enthusiasm!"
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