Workshops + Events

I offer many amazing workshops throughout the year that connect you to Whole Heart Healings’ amazing, like-minded community. Check back here for our workshop schedule or join my mailing list to be the first to hear about events near you!


Reiki Level 1

 Mar 21, 2023

$275.00 CAD


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Reiki Level 2

 Mar 22, 2023

$350.00 CAD


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Reiki Adv/Mast Training

Mar 27-28, 2023

 $675.00 CAD 


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Beginner Astrology

 Mar 23, 2023

$75.00 CAD


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Discover Your Chart Astrology

Mar 25/26, 2023

 $575.00 CAD


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Astrology: Aspects (Major), Chiron, Transits, Beginner


$275.00 CAD


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Vision Workshop - 3 Hour - Online


$30.00 CAD


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