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Pamela recognizes that crossing the gap from where you are now to where you want to be is next to impossible on your own. With commitment, passion, and proven repeatable tools she is available to help you to be able to create a blueprint to start to build your dreams, accelerate your results and create a richer, more fulfilling life.  

I am so excited to share this FREE 3-hour Masterclass with you so you can turn your passion into purpose!

In this online interactive 3-hour masterclass I will introduce you to:

~3 powerful tools from the Dream Builder and Life Mastery programs which are proven, repeatable and reliable systems that create the results you want.

~Turn into your passion and purpose.

~Discover your dream: what would you love in all of your life domains?

~Increase prosperity and staying in complete harmony with your highest values and spiritual beliefs.

~Overcome your blocks and self-sabotaging behaviors.

~Receive personal support, inspiration, motivation and accountability that you need to create positive change that is lasting.

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Hi, I’m Pamela

Here are some little known facts about me:

  • I have gone through depression, miscarriage, having a child with Down syndrome, close-minded family members with no desire to grow and I'm still standing. These experiences have been my biggest gifts of growth.

  • My journey with depression brought me to the path of healing others to reignite the joy in their lives. 
  • I love to bring light to what is scary and intimidating, knowing it creates the most beautiful release and feeling of freedom

  • I love working with people but need to retreat once in a while in order to process my thoughts. This helps to nourish the energy within me allowing me to serve my clients and family better.

I can’t wait to start this journey with you and begin your transformation!

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3 Hour Vision Masterclass

In this 3 hour Vision Masterclass I will help you connect with your authenticity so that you can tap into the power that lies within and create the vision necessary to live the life you would absolutely LOVE living!









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I felt alone, defeated and isolated. 

I was stuck and totally lost in what I was supposed to be doing, my first child was getting ready to leave home and instead of embracing this transitional period, I became depressed. I felt alone, defeated and isolated. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone how I was feeling and I didn’t have the strength within me to “fix it”.

Ultimately, it was my children that motivated me.

Especially my youngest who lives with Down Syndrome as I felt that no one could provide him with the level of care that I could. I needed to reignite my passion for life so that I could be the best mother I could be.

I was introduced to massage by a friend and the following week was acquainted to the wonderful world of Reiki where I felt immediate benefits, relief and the concept of self-nurturing. I had never felt such a connection with who I was meant to be and I was hooked! 

In the heart of it all

I want to help others break free from their limitations and breathe life into their dreams, creating a life that they love living. I want every person to feel excited about life, to feel happy and fulfilled and to understand their unique purpose.

I want to help you engage in your creativity giving you the reassurance and clarity you need to help you build your dreams and create a richer, more fulfilling life. I offer inspiring workshops, healing services and immersive life coaching to anyone who is looking to achieve new heights of success, meaning to life, and spiritual aliveness.

I love doing this work.

I feel so fortunate that my clients allow me to be along for this incredibly personal journey with them and I get so excited when I see them experience deep healing for themselves.

I want you to find the passion and love of life I have.

Yes Please, I'm In!

Amanda, Alberta

"Pamela has so much knowledge! I found it very interesting how everything fits together. "

Tara, Saskatchewan

"Doing the DreamBuilder course was amazing! It changed my entire outlook on life, and I still use the tools and CD's today. Working with Pam is the best part about it all. I felt so comfortable and able to share all my wins and "blocks". She helped me work through things that I was struggling with and always checked in.. (lots of tears) She truly cares and makes anything seem possible! My business has flourished because I have the tools, and I often hear Pam’s voice checking in and asking if this is a paradigm before I give up. It’s always a paradigm. I recommend this course with Pam to everyone!"

Nicole, Alberta

"I enjoyed delving deeper into my chart and gaining a better understanding.  Thank you so much! Your passion is contagious!!"

Susan, Saskatchewan

"I loved how she connected dots for me and explained the "timing" in my life."

Rebecca, Alberta

"I came across Pam and her astrology background while in search of the perfect Christmas present for my family. We looked at myself and my late husband as well as my daughters, age 20, 18, 12 and two boyfriends ages 21 and 20. The astrology reading experience brought us all together in a setting that we were not familiar with. We all felt very comfortable and excited to learn. The charts brought clarification and simply a good time learning more about each other. Many attributes we already knew but never really understood "why" one another was like that. As we learned how to read the charts it helped reinforce and better realize our purpose and allowed us to understand ourselves and one another better. It was such an intriguing experience that has sparked continuous conversation with us all each time we are together and an eagerness to learn more."