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“There has to be something more than this.”

You need something more from life. You are tired of living an unfulfilled life and are ready to transition from questioning yourself and your path to facing your fears. You deeply desire to start living a happy, fulfilled and exciting life. You can’t shake the sense that you aren’t yourself but you are open to trying anything that could lead to a break through.

With Whole Heart Healing you will be whole again.

Through gentle guidance on how to reach your full potential and a full array of healing services, you WILL be excited about life, happy, fulfilled and to ready to discover your purpose. That’s my promise. You don’t have to go it alone anymore.

Healing Solutions




Choose between a in-person session or a recorded call in which you will receive immediately after session to download and listen to again. Also includes print out of natal chart and notes. $200


Like a fingerprint, every natal chart (or horoscope) is unique to its owner. You are brought into this world with a beautiful set of gifts, personality, thoughts, feelings, quirks and so much more that are individual to you. Every aspect that makes up who you are is written out in your natal chart.



2-hour in-person session $200


Through gentle guidance and direction, using unique methods of Past Life Regression and Progression Therapy, (developed and taught by Chris Lee HT, CMH), you will connect your conscious mind to your subconscious mind opening up the path to visit earlier timelines, retrieve memories and experience past events.



55 minute in-person session $100


Reiki is a Japanese based holistic, light touch, energy-based session. Reiki re-establishes a normal energy flow of Ki (life force energy) throughout your system, which in turn can enhance and accelerate your body's innate healing ability.  

Through a series of hand positions either directly on or just above your body (fully clothed),  I will initiate and open the flow of energy from my body to yours allowing you to subconsciously accept the amount of energy that your body requires to heal.



60-minute in-person session $100


During the session you will lay comfortably on a massage table underneath seven clear and highly polished quartz crystals. Each crystal has been meticulously and purposefully cut and aligned above one of your seven chakras. Combining the power of colour, light, sound and crystal therapy, coloured lights radiate light and energy through the crystals into each of your chakras resulting in chakras that are cleansed, energized and brought into balance.


45-minute virtual session $195


Mediumship offers a bridge to connect with your loved ones who have crossed over.  Receiving messages of loving energy can bring clarity, forgiveness, healing, closure, guidance and support into your life. Mediumship is confirmation of the existence and proof that we are connected to those we knew and loved in our lifetime, even when our bodies no longer contain our souls.

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Grief Recovery


The Grief Recovery Method is an evidence-based and action-oriented program designed to help people acknowledge, process, and move through the pain caused by death or any of the 40+ other major life transitions that lead to grief, numbness, and feelings of being stuck and unable to move forward in life.
The Grief Recovery Method helps grievers deal with those things they wish might have been different, better or more. It gives them the chance to address their dreams and hopes for the future, when what they are experiencing in the moment, was not what they had planned. It helps them address the emotions and words that was left unspoken.
Despite the loss experienced – there is hope for a better tomorrow.
Pamela offers both in person and online where you can go through the program from the comfort of your home but still be fully supported.


Even though this program has therapeutic benefits, it should not be seen as a replacement for therapy and/or counseling.
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I came across Pam and her astrology background while in search of the perfect Christmas present for my family. We looked at myself and my late husband as well as my daughters, age 20, 18, 12 and two boyfriends ages 21 and 20. The astrology reading experience brought us all together in a setting that we were not familiar with. We all felt very comfortable and excited to learn. The charts brought clarification and simply a good time learning more about each other. Many attributes we already knew but never really understood "why" one another was like that. As we learned how to read the charts it helped reinforce and better realize our purpose and allowed us to understand ourselves and one another better. It was such an intriguing experience that has sparked continuous conversation with us all each time we are together and an eagerness to learn more.

- Rebecca, Alberta


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